Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Sprinting

A word on sprinting.

As a writer, I have found sprinting to be a big help in getting words out.

What is a sprint? A sprint is a designated period of time called by a mod or host. The mod/host keeps track of time in a chat room where everyone gathers. When time is called for the sprint to begin, everyone hushes and starts writing. When time is called that the sprint is over, the writing stops and you get a break to chit chat. Other common terms are dashes, prances, and wars.

So why do I like sprints? Because I can get quite the word count in a given sprint. They are also a great opportunity to meet people. If you're interested in participating in formal NaNo sprinting, then you can check out the livejournal community that I help mod:

On another note though, I discovered new method of sprinting that was quite productive for me last night! I was watching a two hour movie on ABC Family with my sister. About a half hour into it, I suggested that we grab our laptops and sprint during the commercials. I never expected it to be so productive though. I managed to get 2000 words written during the commercials of the movie. It was awesome.

So, if you're participating in NaNo and looking for new ways to boost your word count, I have just offered you two new suggestions. Give them a try! Something tells me that neither one is going to hinder your word count.

As for me? I'm off to sprint and write some until Gossip Girl comes on tonight!

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