Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaNoWriMo - Halfway!

I'm going to keep this short as I am writing from Barnes & Noble and my battery is just about to die.

NaNoWriMo Tip of the Day: Set a daily word count goal and write past it. If you exceed your own goal everyday, then you are doing great in my book!

Daily Observation: 70+ degrees is much to warm for November.

Happy Dance Moment: I have officially exceeded what I wrote for the entire month of November last year. My total count last year was 17k. I am currently a little over 20k. How's that for progress?

As I have exceeded another goal on my reward chart, I am going to reward myself by buying a book. Great thing that I'm at Barnes & Noble, huh?

I'm over and out. Look for more writing bits this week, as well as some movie and music discussion. I will also be unveiling my December theme within the next two weeks and you will not want to miss out on that!!

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