Monday, December 21, 2009

Official Kissing Day

Writing is an important part of my life. That being said, I am going to have to interrupt our holiday posts for a minute to post about "Official Kissing Day." I read about this over at Elana's blog and just could not resist.

Basically, you are supposed to post a kissing scene from something you wrote. It only took me a minute to figure out what scene I wanted to post (and, coincidentally, it's completely appropriate for this time of year).

Lucky you, this is the first time I'm posting something I wrote on this blog.

For you, on Official Kissing Day:

One girl among the crowd is smart. She’s dressed for the New York weather and not for the guys. She’s wearing a sweater of some sort over tight jeans. Boots that reach her knees complete the look. She looks amazing and yet she could still walk outside and not demand the jacket off a guy’s back to stay warm. She’s standing all alone near the balcony. She looks completely happy to be alone. I ventured in her direction, drawn to her in a way I can’t describe.

I catch her eye as I cross the room. She blinks once before heading out onto the balcony as the DJ announces a one minute warning. I step out onto the balcony behind the girl. She turns around with her brows knitted. I’m guessing that she didn’t expect me to follow her. The countdown begins inside. 10…9…8… I inch closer to her. 7…6…5… She doesn’t shy away. 4…3…2… I wrap one arm around her waist and pull her towards me. 1… A chorus of “Happy New Year” rings out from inside and my lips touch hers. I melt into her embrace, allowing passion to overtake my body.

As soon as the kiss started, it ended. She broke away within seconds and headed back inside. She didn’t seem angry, just surprised. I attempt to follow her inside but lose sight of her in the crowd. I head for the door, fully prepared to leave. My sister and her friends intercept me though. They talk me into staying a while and enjoying the night club. As far as night clubs go, it was ordinary. The music was loud, the colors were bright in the dark room, and many of the legal people were drunk. I agreed to an hour and finished out the night at High Rise.

It's just an excerpt from a much longer novel co-written by my sister and me. But, it's a kissing scene and that's what was asked for.

Do you have a favorite kissing scene? If you do, join in on the fun. Let me know if you post one somewhere and I'll take a swing over and read it.

Happy Kissing Day! I'm back to a day of cleaning and organizing now. Your regularly scheduled holiday post will make an appearance later.


  1. Ooh, a stranger kiss. I kinda like that. :)

  2. Great kiss! Happy belated kissing day! ;-)