Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Month of Holidays: Day 2

This is the month of holidays. There's Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and so much more. But, what about the unusual holidays that not everyone celebrates? Did you know that there's a whole site dedicated to all the holidays of each month.

Let me introduce you to Holiday Insights ( This site introduces you to some of the rarer holidays that people celebrate.

Here's a list of a few I enjoyed from December's list:
December 4: Santas' List Day - Use this day to write your Christmas list if you haven't already!
December 5: Bathtub Party Day - Treat yourself to a relaxing bath!
December 7: Letter Writing Day - Snail mail an old friend....or a new friend!
December 7: National Cotton Candy Day - An excuse to enjoy way too much sugar!
December 8: National Brownie Day - My favorite desert. Perhaps this is an excuse to bake brownies?
December 9: Christmas Card Day - Send a card to someone special!
December 12: National Ding-a-Ling Day - Just the name of this one was fun to read!
December 12: Poinsettia Day - Beautiful flowers. Did you know you should keep them away from your pets? Some varieties are poisonous for them if eaten.
December 13: Ice Cream Day - I'm not sure why this one falls right before winter...
December 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day - Chocolate!!
December 18: Bake Cookies Day - Last day of work for me. Perhaps I should devote it to baking?
December 19: Look for an Evergreen Day - Get a tree if you haven't already! (Ours is we just go to our attic to look for one.)
December 20: Go Caroling Day - Sing your favorite Christmas songs. (Or your new favorite ones from my playlist.)
December 21: Humbug Day - Even the humbugs get a day to celebrate. Sort of an oxymoron, don't you think?
December 21: National Flashlight Day - I love the random days!
December 21: Look on the Bright Side Day - This should be everyday.
December 24: National Chocolate Day - Chocolate is so important, it gets two days!
December 25: Christmas Day - Yay!
December 27: Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day - I used to love doing this in school.
December 31: Make Up Your Mind Day - That is a difficult thing to do.
December 31: New Year's Eve - Bring in the new year and a new month of holidays!

Find more December holidays (and there are more!) at

Song of the Day: Winter Wonderland (another favorite!)

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