Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Month of Holidays: Day 29

Our top 5 lists of the decade continue! Remember, these are all in my opinion and I welcome your own lists!

Top 5 Blockbuster* Movies of the Decade
1. Pirates of the Carribean
2. Troy
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Prince Caspian
5. 10,000 BC

Top 5 Lesser Known* Movies of the Decade
1. Elizabethtown
2. Undiscovered
3. Tristan and Isolde
4. Stardust
5. Casanova

Top 5 Bands of the Decade
1. The Killers
2. Shinedown
3. 3 Doors Down
4. Blue October
5. The Fray

*Blockbuster movies are ones that were well known when they came out. Lesser known movies refers to those movies that I've enjoyed that people give me that confused look when I mention the title of it. You may or may not have heard of these.

Also, I recommend heading over to http://twotowrite.blogspot.com/2009/12/winter-contest.html for a cool contest.

Song of the Day: "The Dance" by Garth Brooks (since we're remembering the decade...)

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