Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silly Saturday: Blonde with Many Shoes

We all had favorite toys as a child. For some, it's one particular doll, while for others it's a grouping of things, such as legos.

For me, my favorite toy was Barbie dolls. I used to play for hours with my sister. We would create stories and characters. It was always an elaborate process for us.

These tended to be our steps:
1. Characters - We had to create who we would be playing with. Eventually, certain dolls became long standing characters that were used time and time again.

1. Plot - Plot and characters were interchangeable. It varied as to which came first. But essentially, we had to know how we were going to play.

3. Setting - We would have to set up the houses and locations with the furniture and extra pieces that we owned. I can recall us getting rather creative when we were missing items we needed.

4. Clothing - Next, we would have to dress each doll perfectly. Barbie had so many outfits and shoes to pick from that it always took a while to get each one dressed right.

5. Details - We would have to agree on any last minute details that were established during the plotting section, including relationships and back history.

6. Play - Finally, we would get down to playing. We could do this for hours on end.

7. Conclusion - At some point, things would have to conclude and the dolls would have to be picked up. Usually, the conclusion was forced upon us by bedtime or another designated clean-up moment.

I bet you can now understand the influence of Barbies on our writing ways.

What was your favorite childhood toy and how has it affected you today?

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