Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Monday

So, I know that Mad Monday is supposed to be directed at music and movies, but I'm going to branch it out a bit today. Not too far - just over to television.

I used to watch several shows a week with my mother and sister. We wouldn't miss a single episode of various shows, including Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Charmed, and many more. Slowly, they all seemed to change and/or fade away. Some ran their course, while others simply became less interesting. Until by the end of last year, we were finally down to just one.

That one was Supernatural. We watch it faithfully each week and I don't know that we've missed a single episode yet. We own the seasons on disc and have even rewatched episodes. It's the supernatural elements and the good-looking guys that draw us to the show. Combine that with a look at the legends and myths that support the supernatural and you've got quite a combination.

This year, we are trying out a new show - Vampire Diaries. I can't say much about it because I have only seen two episodes thus far. Those two episodes have been quite interesting and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more. Join me on Thursday and watch Vampire Diaries followed by Supernatural. They both come on the CW network.

We may also be watching Gossip Girl once again. We started watching it when it came out on the CW. We watched it all the way through season 1 and even continued into season 2 with it. Then, somewhere along the line, we gave up on it - until about a week ago that is. That was when we decided to try to play catch-up. We obtained a copy of season 2 from the local library and spent this past weekend watching it. I'm not sure why we gave up on it - it was quite entertaining to watch. Now, we're going to give season 3 a try. It starts in about fifteen minutes, so I'd better be off to it! Happy Mad Monday!

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