Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Friday: Back to School Delights

Back to school - what can I say? It's a great time of year. The stores are lined with school supplies at ridiculously cheap prices and parents are just itching to get rid of their kids. It means back to work and (this year) college for me, but that's okay. I really do enjoy my job and the time I get to spend with kids.

My favorite memories of the first day of school involve matching outfits and new bookbags. They involve pictures and smiles. I was always a lover of school and enjoyed going back. I enjoyed the new supplies and clothes. I enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting new people.

What did you enjoy about the first day of school?

Also - our first contest!!! I will be giving away the poster of Switchfoot that I got at the concert. It is featured in this picture:

It is a group shot of the members of Switchfoot and you could win it! (T-Shirt and CD not included)

You will earn one entry for each time you post about this contest. Please provide links to where you have posted. (Some examples: livejournal, twitter, facebook, blogger, etc.) Good luck!

Contest ends next Friday, when I'll announce the winner!!!

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