Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Words from a Writer: From Barbies to Words

When I came up with the title for this blog, I didn't realize just how true it would ring down the line.

Originally, the blog title was simply supposed to refer to a growth in my relationship with my sister, Crystal. It was supposed to illustrate the way we had gone from playing Barbies together to writing words together. We have always been partners in crime, regardless of what we're doing.

Lately, though, I have found new reasons for the title. I have found that it describes our creativity style perfectly. Allow me to explain for a moment.

When Crystal and I used to play Barbies, we would come across an idea we loved and play it out in every way possible. We would recreate the same storyline over and over again until we'd worn it to perfection.

Now, I'm finding that we do a similar thing with writing. Last summer, we wrote our first novel together. When we settled down and started in on the editing process, we had many long conversations that eventually ended with a big decision. We decided to undertake the task of completely rewriting the story to make it even better. We have started and restarted this second draft several times in an attempt to find the one we're happiest with. Hopefully the rewriting process doesn't last as long as some of our Barbie storylines. If it does, we could be in for years of rewriting the same story...

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