Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon Contest

I'm hosting another contest! This one's to celebrate the birthday of Aiden, the February full moon, and another surprise which will be announced tomorrow!

There are many ways to enter, which I will list below, followed by the prize packs you may win from the contest.

You will earn points based on the following:
(+1) for entering the contest using the form
(+3) for being an old follower of this blog
(+2) for being a new follower of this blog
(+1) for every link you post
(+5) for following Two to Write
(+2) for posting my blog button on your site
(+2) for posting the Two to Write button on your site

Additional points (+1 for each) may also be earned for each comment left in any of the following places:
(+1) From Barbies to Words
(+1) Two to Write
(+1) The Journal of Aiden Sinclair
(+1) The Journal of Madison Burbank

(Note from me: I will keep track of the points for the comments. All comments made between February 28th and March 30th will earn you points for this contest.)

Now for the prizes!

The winner will get their choice of the following packs. Second place will get the next pick. It will continue in that pattern.

The Writer's Pack

This pack contains a notebook, folder, post-it notes, black pen, and fun red pen (complete with flower).

The Reader's Pack

This pack contains the book Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast. The book will also come with a bookmark inside.

Aiden's Charleston Wolf Pack

This pack is the one that honors Aiden and our February theme of Around Charleston. This pack comes with a custom-made (by me!) bracelet (which is colorful with a wolf charm) and a wooden palmetto tree.

Additional packs will be added when I reach the following:

This contest will run from February's Full Moon (February 28th) until March's Full Moon (March 30th).

Go ahead! Enter using the FORM!!!


  1. I have already turned in my contest form, but I just figured out how to add your blog button. So if you could add the extra entry for that, that'd be great!

    Here's my blog link: My buttons are in my left sidebar.


  2. I just added myself as a follower and will enter in the form! I love your blog title!