Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon!

Ever since Crystal and I started writing a novel involving werewolves, I have fallen in love with wolves and full moons. They are interesting topics to research and learn more about. Plus, I can say I'm doing research for our novel when I look up information on wolves or full moons!

Looking up the moon schedule recently, I discovered that today holds a full moon for us. The full moon should occur at 11:38am (EST), the exact time that this post is being made. So, when it grows dark enough, go outside and take a look at the moon.

When looking up information on full moons, I came across information about the names of the full moons. Each month brings a "new" full moon to us. February brings the snow moon.

February's moon is known as the snow moon because this month is historically the most snow-filled month. I believe most of us can say that this is very true in 2010. Places that rarely see snow (such as Charleston) have seen inches of snow. It has been a snowy month, which will end (fittingly enough) with a Full Snow Moon.

Happy end of February! Look for great things coming in March!

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  1. I love how the moons are named. It was based on the agriculture-growing seasons-most often. It's very cool how everyone worked things out without a calendar back in the day. LOL