Friday, January 1, 2010

New Layout

I decided to bring the New Year in with style!

Just after midnight, I changed and rearranged my blog layout. The header and background are now custom and unique, which makes me giddy. I am still rearranging and improving the elements on the blog, but I'm pretty sure that's going to take a little while.

Keep your eyes out for another post today - one that shares the books I intend to read for 2010, along with a few other goals I have (writing, etc). I'm not making resolutions this year, but goals I can do.

Give me your thoughts on the new layout!

Song of the Day: "Let Me Take You There" by Plain White T's
I felt this one was appropriate since I'll be focusing on reading and writing later, which is an escape from the mundane of our everyday lives. "Let Me Take You There" talks about escaping to a place of fun and wonderment. Essentially, it fit today's focus perfectly, in my opinion.

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