Monday, January 4, 2010

Back into the Thick of It All

Today was back to work for me. Next Monday will be back to grad school. I love breaks and I hate to see them end. It's easy for me to stay in the routine of things, but it's incredibly hard for me to break that routine and get back into it. Is it easy for you?

To add to that, we had one of the coldest days I can remember in the past few years. Living in the south provides a winter that is cold but typically not freezing. Today, it was definitely in the freezing temperatures until well into the middle of the day. I still feel like I can't get completely warmed up.

I'm trying my best to be more optimistic about things though. So, let's look at a few of the good things that come with the cold. There's the comfort of hot chocolate, which helps warm you from the inside out. My favorite is good old reliable Swiss Miss. Then, there's the scarves and hats. I can remember the first scarf I ever owned. One of my high school friends got it for me one Christmas because I told them I wanted a scarf. It was fleece, pink, and from Old Navy. I still have that scarf and have created a collection of colorful, pretty scarves. Hats can also be fun. My favorite is a fuzzy reddish pink one that keeps my head nice and toasty.

And, last, but certainly not least, is the enjoyment of snuggling into a warm blanket or Snuggie and taking in a good book. There's something comforting in the warmth of the blanket mixed with a far off place that may be much warmer than one's present situation. I seem to be moving along nicely on my (somewhat small) reading list for 2010. I will be posting reviews when I finish books. However, for series, I am going to post the reviews together rather than separately. I'll be finishing up what's been released of The Dark Guardians by Rachel Hawthorne soon, so be on the look out for that review.

Hope you had a great Monday and keep your toes warm!

Song of the Day: "Words" by Ryan Adams
I chose this song because it happened to come on the CD player during my ride home. I was thinking about what song to choose for today and this one came on. It's a favorite of mine with a message. So, I thought I'd share it. Enjoy.

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