Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recipe Review: Taco Bowls

This will be my first ever food review here on my blog. With today being devoted to a day of writing, Crystal and I decided to do appetizer type foods for our dinner. The first one that we started with is Taco Bowls. I am going to give you my opinion on them and what we did to alter the recipe a bit when we couldn't find one of the ingredients.

We found the recipe here:

We went shopping for all of the ingredients yesterday and couldn't find the salsa that was mentioned in the recipe. We stared at all of the salsas for a while and decided that we didn't know enough about salsas to pick one. However, we have made tacos several times in the past and we've used Taco Bell seasoning sauce. So, we plucked it off the shelf in place of salsa.

I made the shells, while Crystal made the meat. The shells were simple to make and took ten minutes to finish. The meat was done shortly after the shells finished cooking. Next, we filled the bowls and topped them with our favorite toppings. For me, that's just cheese.

Next came eating the bowls. They proved to be very delicious. The only problem I had was that they were tricky to figure out how to eat without making a mess. But, in a way, that made them more fun to eat.

Would I recommend them? Most definitely! I'm a taco lover at heart and these certainly did not disappoint.


  1. I love how the pictures came out. So professional looking!

  2. Maybe I will get to know what they taste like!