Friday, October 9, 2009

The Return of Fun Fridays? + A Contest!

Okay, not really the return but I am taking a moment to post a fun friday post. For those of you that were following me before October, you'll remember all about this. For those of you that are new to my blog, here's a quick explanation. Fun Fridays are designated as the day for hosting contests and the day for posting about the contests of others. Typically, it's one or the other. Today, it's both (my contest here - future post about other contests)!!!

First, about my contest. I will be hosting a contest along with tomorrow's photo. The contest will run from noon tomorrow until 11pm Sunday night (EST). I would love to have lots of participants. My last contest had zero entries. (I am hoping to spread the word about Two to Write* through this contest as well, so don't be alarmed by reference to it in the ways to enter.) Hint: It relates to the Carolina Renaissance Faire.

Now for my contest spotter:

Princess Bookie is holding another contest for free books at:

Color Online is hosting a giveaway for Mrs. O:

Another contest from Princess Bookie:

Maggie Stiefvater has extended her Ballad contest:

A giveaway from Alaine in celebration of her birthday:
Happy early birthday Alaine! (Mine's the 24th of October!)

A giveaway from the Eclectic Reader (Happy Blogversary!):

*Two to Write is the writing journal that I publish with my sister. We would love it if you would spread the word about our FREE fiction. =) Thanks!


  1. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. (oh and my birthday is Oct 28th! :) Isn't October a great month!)