Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photo #10: Mystery Performer

Taken by: me
Taken when: last fall
Taken where: Carolina Renaissance Faire
Who is it?
Take a guess!! Here's a hint:
(Contest description below!)

My contest:
The above picture is a picture of a mystery performer from the Carolina Renaissance Faire where I am spending today. This performer is someone that performed in the lanes of the Faire last year and I have some great stories from his performances (I'll share these on Monday after the contest has ended). This year, he'll be there again and I'm super excited because he'll actually be on one of the stages for a performance! Anyways, on to the contest.

The contest is simple: Guess the Mystery Performer!

How do I win? You will automatically receive a small prize if you guess correctly! (mystery prize)
There will also be a "grand" prize winner who will win an item from the Renaissance Faire (don't know what yet, as I'm going tomorrow).

How do I enter?
Several ways:
+1 for making a guess (automatic prize if you guess correctly)
+1 for each tweet made about this contest or Two to Write(limit 5)
+2 for blogging about it (sidebar is fine)
+1 for following my blog
+2 for following Two to Write
+2 for mentioning Two to Write in a blog post
+2 for posting a link (to this contest or Two to Write) in another place (ex: LJ, Facebook, etc.)
Deadline: October 11, 2009 at 11pm EST

Please remember to include some sort of contact information.
Good luck everyone!!!

*Two to Write is the writing journal that I publish with my sister. We would love it if you would spread the word about our FREE fiction. =) Thanks!


  1. I pimped your stuff, but not for the contest. You're my friend of the day on LJ. :)
    My guess is Gypsy Geoff, and please tell me that he is as cute in person as he is in pictures. :D

  2. My bet is same as Tami's. :p What happens if we're both right? :p

  3. Is he one of the pirates? Otherwise my guess is the story teller!

    And I have put up on LJ blog